Workplace solutions that:
• Reduce costs
• Prepare Leaders
• Improve Productivity
• Measure Engagement
• Manage Change

Pilot Workplace Advisors® provides organizations with a broad array of service offerings to help create a workforce ready and able to meet the challenges of today’s competitive marketplace.

At Pilot we are committed to measurable outcomes in all of our practice areas — a rarity in today's world of big sell and little substance. Getting results, having impact, doing it faster and better are Pilot priorities.

Performance Offerings
• Succession Planning
• Employee Assessment
• Leadership Development
• Training Programs
• Stakeholder Surveys
• Change Management
• Ethics and Diversity Training
• Employment System Design and Validation

For companies that truly believe that people are their greatest asset, Pilot is ready to help maximize workforce potential.

A dedicated team committed to Workplace Excellence
The Pilot team of Workplace Advisors brings a powerful blend of outstanding talent, exceptional credentials and remarkable accomplishments to your workplace needs. Pilot Advisors have deep experience in Organizational Development, Career Management, Business Consulting, Program Design, Executive Education, Behavioral Consulting, Psychology, Assessment, Survey Design, Testing Validation, Recruitment and Selection, and Executive Coaching.

Everything we do at Pilot reflects our philosophy of Career EXCELeration™. We too believe that people are the greatest assets of any organization. We believe that anything we do to help develop a workforce must incorporate our concepts of Fit and Passion. An aligned workforce is an able workforce. A workplace that taps into and exploits the energy of a person's passions is a workplace poised to do more with less and sustain outstanding performance.