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Satisfied Employees Leave organizations every day

Engaged Employees Stay

At Pilot we measure employee engagement.

What makes your employees want to be with you, to produce, to exceed, to excel?

What makes them disengage and want to leave?

Would you like to know how many of your employees:

  • Have already made plans to leave your organization
  • Show up every day but don't really want to be there
  • Are waiting and ready for a future with your company
  • Are truly committed to your organization and plan to grow and prosper with you

Even more.

Would you like to know what it is that makes them want to be with you and what it is that is driving them away?

Would you like to know what is working and what is broken?

Would you like to know where in your company people are most engaged and where they are not?

The foundation of Pilot's Organizational Assessment Practice is an employee Commitment Survey that is built around a very basic principle:

Satisfied employees leave or disengage from organizations every day. Loyal employees stay, perform and help the organization grow.

Pilot's Commitment Survey is not a satisfaction survey. It is a unique tool that will measure Employee Engagement and Commitment within your organization. It also provides a wealth of insight into the causes of commitment (and the lack thereof). In addition we have incorporated an integrity and ethic measurement in our survey. This is a powerful and most relevant benchmark for your organization, especially in today's world of ethical scrutiny.

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