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Pilot Performance Coaching unlocks potential and unblocks performance
Coaching is one of the most cost-effective and powerful ways to insure the maximum return on an organizations most valued asset– its people.

Pilot Workplace Advisors utilizes its unique Career EXCELeration™ Method in its coaching practice. This methodology is characterized by its emphasis on tangible results, a very directive, business oriented approach, the relationship between passion and performance, and the need for high velocity return on investment.

Coaching is about performance. It is about developing one’s potential and finding balance and sustainable effectiveness in the workplace. All things considered, executive success is ultimately NOT about credentials, experience, skill, education or pedigree. It’s about fit. At Pilot we believe that people succeed and fail at work for exactly the same reason—FIT.

There is a delicate dance that an effective executive must execute flawlessly. It is the expression of individual style and hard-wired behaviors that must move in time and tempo with colleagues, values and organizational imperatives that are often out of step. The Pilot Career EXCELeration™ Method of coaching helps the individual to understand and articulate the impact that their uniqueness has on the organization – both positive and negative. We focus on using that uniqueness as strength and changing the perception of the person’s behavior, not the behavior itself. Our approach puts high value on common sense, practical application, fast and sustainable results and the political and interpersonal realities of the world of today’s leaders.

The Pilot Coaching Advisors

Highly effective, credentialed and accomplished, Pilot Coaching Advisors are distinguished by their leadership and real world business experience. Pilot Advisors understand the pressures, priorities and politics of the competitive business environment.


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